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Oki Recycling Center Kururun



Oki Town secures citizen’s cooperation when proceeding with town planning and constructing

a sustainable society, aiming not to leave the problem for the next generation. These efforts

consist of two main projects.


One is a biomass recycling facility called The Oki Recycling Center “ Kururun”, and the other is

Oki Town Mottainai Declaration, the second in the country to make a zero-waste declaration.

Oki Recycling Center Kururun is the biomass recycling facility that started operations in

November 2006.



It takes kitchen waste from the town’s households and restaurants, along with septic tank sludge

and raw sewage, and uses a methane fermentation process to turn it into a biomass that can be

used for power generation. After the fermentation, the digestive fluids are used as liquid fertilizer.

Furthermore, Oki Town was the second in the country to make a zero-waste declaration,

which it officially announced in March 2008 with its Oki Town Mottainai Declaration.




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