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Nagasaki-bana Cape in Satsuma peninsula


Nagasaki-bana Cape is the southernmost point of the Satsuma Peninsula. A walking path

leads from a small cluster of souvenir shops to the tip of the cape where there stands a white



         To the Cape


        View from the sea


A highlight of a visit to the cape are the views of nearby Mount Kaimondake, which stands

924 meters above sea level. Because of its conical shape, it bears a striking resemblance to

Mount Fuji and is often referred to as “Satsuma Fuji”.


        Mount Kaimondake


                Kinko bay


Nagasaki-bana Cape is said to be the birthplace of The Legend of Urashima Taro who saved a turtle,

it took him to Ryugu-jo (the Palace of the Dragon as a token of it’s gratitude). The new worship hall

of the Ryugu Shrine was built in 2011. The name of popular limited express for sightseeing “Ibusuki

tamate-bako” is associated with the Legend of Urashima Taro.


            Ryugu Shrine

           Shrine main building

           Urashima Taro


General information  

Address Nagasaki-nana, Yamagawa-Okachogamizu, Ibusuki-city, Kagoshima-prefecture
Access 15 minutes by a vehicle from JR Yamagawa Station




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