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Shimonoseki travel guide


Shininoseki is situated on the westernmost tip of the prefecture faces  Kitakyushu-city’

Moji with Kanmon Strait in betweenand connected by the Kanmon-kyo-Bridge  and 

Kanmonon tunnel.

The Kanmon Strait is known as the scene of an ancient battle leading the fall of the Heike Clan.

Dan-no-ura canal, where the Emperor Antoku (eight-years-old grandson of Heike Clan

Taira-no Kiyomori), who fled to Dan-no- ura, took his own life by drowning himself.



 Akama Shrine

The shrine located in Shimonoseki, enshrines the Heike clan and the young

Emperor Antoku, who died in the battle against the powerful samurai clan, Genji. 
The Dragon’s Palace-styled , located to the north of Dan-no-ura, is
consecrated to

the tragic young emperor and has the Emperor Antoku’s tomb in its precincts.


Karato-ichiba Fish market

Shimonoseki is the Japan’s principal fishing ground for the Blowfish, is called

Fugu in Japanese.
You can find eat Fugu Sushi or Sashimi at the Fish market near JR Shimonoseki




The Treaty of Shimonoseki, known as the Treaty of Maguan in China, was

signed on April 17, 1895, between the Empire of Japan and Qing Empire of

China, ending the First Sino-Japanese War.



A mountain located in Shimonoseki-city with an altitude of 268m.

From the observatory at the summit of the mountain, beautiful views, 

such as Kanmon Bridge, Shimonoseki city, Genkainada, Mojiko Retro 

district and Suo-Nada, can be seen.


Kaikyo-yume tower

Kaikyo-yume tower means Kanmon Strait dream tower is a landmark of

Shimonoseki-city, and has the international conference hall and the 

exhibition trade fair site. 



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