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Takezaki crab



Takezaki crab is the local specialty of Tara, and is well-known for its rich flavor. Takezaki crabs

are available almost year around. From summer into fall the male crabs are delicious, with the

females and their eggs most delicious during the autumn and winter. You could even try one

of each.



You can enjoy this wide variety of crab dishes including fried crab, grilled crab,

crab dumplings, crab chawanmushi (a Japanese egg custard dish), stir-fried crab,

creamy crab risotto, crab gratin, and steamed crab. The crabmeat gives you sweetness

with every bite. The best way to end a nice steamed crab is with “shell sake,” where

you drink sake from the crab shell. You should try this with hot sake, which lets you

enjoy the crab flavor more and warms your body.





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