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Waste management & Recycling in Kitakyushu


By the 20th century, Waste was increasingly viewed also as a resource to recover

materials and energy.

Today, Waste management gradually evolved from a focus on disposal to a focus

on prevention, recycling and recovery for Global Environment protection and

our safety and healthy life.



Waste management and Recycling in Kitakyushu-city


In Japan, especially Kitakyushu-city is one of the most advanced municipality for

Waste management and Recycling.

The Solid Waste management process and procedure can be learned,

form Waste generation points, to collection of Waste, recycling and incineration and landfill.


One of the most important thing is Waste generation management ; how to collect and

separate the Solid Waste.

Kitakyushu has very unique waste management system that is source separation by public

participation which is an important component to increasing adoption of recycling.


Kitakyushu-city offer various opportunities of learning Solid Waste management and Recycling

for improvement of Environment in your country.



 Featured facilities  


Eco Town Center 

Eco Project information center that supports the Eco-town.  It introduces initiatives and activities

implemented in Eco-town to encourage people to proactively used the facility for such activities

as environmental study sessions and interaction amongst visitors.



Zero Emission Transportation System

The Electric bus driven by the electricity generated by a solar power generation, therefor no global

warming gases emitted from the bus. Operation of the system is commenced in 2015. 

The solar power generation plant, the power charging equipment and Electric bus can be observed.


Solar Power Generation for

the Electric bus

 Electric bus

On the Electric bus


 Waste treatment and Recycling  


Plastic PET Bottle recycling / Nishi-Nippon PET Recycling

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are sorted by municipalities and recycled into

pellets and flakes, which can be used as raw materials for polyester fibers and egg cartons



Melting Furnace  / Sin-Moji Plant 

The collected waste including metals is melted at over 1,700 degree Celsius in the Melting

Furnace and then the melted slag and metals are discharged.

The slag is used as raw materials for pavement and bricks and the metals are re-used for

other steel products. The process and technology of the Melting Furnace can be learned. 



Waste paper recycling / Kyushu Seishi 

Refined waste papers is recycled into toilet papers.
Sludge generated during the toilet paper production process is used to produce a

foaming inhibitor used by steel works.



Food waste recycle / Merry Corporation 

The food waste recycling company that the compost is being produced from food waste

discharged from food factories, hospitals, restaurants and municipal facilities.



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