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Yanagawa Canal boat cruise


Yanagawa Canal boat cruise is to board a small boat called the Donkobune and slowly go

down the river skillfully maneuvered by a boatman with bamboo pole. 



You will enjoy a leisurely cruise along the streets and houses which still retain some remnants of

castle town, hearing the boatman’s explanation of the history and landscape of Yanagawa.  You

can also enjoy the specialty of Yanagawa eel steamed in basket called “Unagi-no-seiromushi” on

the boat.



General information

Company Operated by 5 Canal boat cruise companies

70 minutes course : Near Yanagawa station to Okinohata

60 minutes course : Near Yanagawa station to Ohana

30 minutes course : Around Ohana


Operating time

JPY 800 to 1600 depending on the course  

9:00 to sunset time


 - Yanagawa travel guide