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西一枝自治区会 朝倉 & うきはツアー

  戸畑区 西一枝自治区会の朝倉 & うきはツアーを実施しました。   ・ツアータイプ:団体バス旅行 ・日程 2019年7月13日(土) ・参加者  22名 ・交通手段 大型貸切バス ・ツアーコンダクター:ジャパ …

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Oki Recycling Center Kururun

  Oki Town secures citizen’s cooperation when proceeding with town planning and constructing a sustainable society, …

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Itoshima one-day tour for Canadian customer

  Type of the tour : Tailor-made tour Country of customer :  Canada Number of participant : 8 person (adults)  Sche …

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Fukuoka Hydrogen Station

  World’s first hydrogen station for vehicle to utilize the wastewater treated in the Fukuoka Chubu Sewage Treatmen …

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Sone Tideland

  Sone tideland facing the Seto Inland Sea from Sone, in Kitakyushu-city and is one of the largest tideland in the …

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Industrial modernization story & KAIZEN strategy

  Japanese industry at the end of 19th century was 200years behind. After Mathew C Perry came to Japan in 1853, Jap …

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Low Carbon Society in Kitakyushu-city

  Kitakyushu-city is promoting the low carbon society in Asia while taking leadership as the Environmental Future C …

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Solid Waste management & Recycling technologies in Kitakyushu

  Historically, waste management systems focused on collection and disposal waste to protect the health of city inh …

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Amakusa / UNESCO Hidden Christian sites 2 days tour

  Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region has been registered on  UNESCO World Heritage in 2018, Japanese Chr …

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Former Pattern Shop / Shipyard History Museum

  The Former Pattern Shop has been registered on UNESCO World Heritage as Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolut …

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