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Kaikyo Dramaship


Kaikyo Dramaship 
Shaped like a ship, is the core facility of the Mojiko Retro District and offers a dramatic introduction to the history of the straits as well as

the nature and culture surrounding it.
Hanging in the open air between the second and fourth floors is the Straits Atrium, which is the shape of the sea bed.

The atrium dynamically depicts the fantastic history of the Kanmon Straits, inviting visitors to take a intriguing journey through time and space.


And also the Restaurant, Kaikyo Fuku Stage , where you can try the local specialty Fugu (blow fish) cuisine and enjoy the magnificent views of Kanmon Straits as ships pass by in fade into the distance.
At night shimmering reflections and the lights of Shimonoseki on the other side of the Kanmon Strait make a truly spectacular and mesmerising view.


In addition, Kaikyo Dramaship features the Channel Retro Street (where buildings and streets from the Taisho Era (1912-1926) are recreated), the Kanmon Strait History Gallery, the Real Time Kanmon Straits, the Kanmon Straits Kids Plaza, the Citizens and Exchange Gallery.


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