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Tochoji temple


The largest seated wooden image of Buddha in Japan


Tochoji temple was founded in 806 by Kobo-daishi Kukai and it is the   oldest temple of the

Shingon sect in Japan that Kobo-daishi set up. 

It is also known as “Tocho-mitsuji Temple”.  It is said that Kobo-daishi, who returned to Hakata 

after undergoing ascetic training in China called Tang back then, prayed for the eastward

dissemination and perpetuation of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism.



               Main gate

                 Main hall

          Great Buddha

The Fukuoka Daibutsu called Great Buddha of Fukuoka completed in 1993 stands 10.8 meters tall 
and is the largest seated wooden image of Buddha in Japan.  The door of Rokkakudo in the
premise is opened on the 28th of each month and 6 Buddhist statue can be seen. The wooden image
of Senju Kannon (Thousand armed Avalokiteshvara), an Important Cultural Property, is housed in
the main hall.



      Temple main building

      Five story pagoda

     Tombs of Kuroda family



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