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Only the trading port in Japan during Natinal isolation              


The fan-shaped artificial island in the bay of Nagasaki that was a Dutch trading port

as Japan’s only open gateway to Europe during Japan’s self-imposed isolation of Edo period

from 1641 until 1853.
The Dutch East India Company’s trading post at Dejima was closed in 1857. Since then,

the island has been surrounded by reclaimed land and merged into Nagasaki: its original

location is marked by rivets.


Entrance of Dejima

Fan-shaped artificial island,

was built in 1636

Dejima used from 1641 until



A project to restore Dejima is underway.   In 2000, five buildings including the Deputy

Factor’s Quarters were completed and opened to the public. 


Dejima International Club


Building of residence, cooking

room, warehouse 

The old Dejima seminary,

a Christian theological school


In the spring of 2006, the finishing touches were put on the Chief Factor’s Residence, 

the Japanese Officials’ Office, the Head Clerk’s Quarters, the No. 3 Warehouse and 

the Sea Gate.







General information

Address 6-1 Dejima-machi, Nagasaki-city

a short walk from Dejima Tram station

Open hours 8:00 to 21:00
Admission fee JPY 510
Days closed No closing days


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