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Kyushu Travel Guide

Japan’s KAIZEN Strategy tour


KAIZEN is one of the most important key word

for Japan’s modernization and world leading industries.


KAIZEN is the Japanese word for “improvement”. In business, KAIZEN refers to activities

that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the

workers on site. It also applies to processes, such as purchasing and logistics, that cross

organizational boundaries into the supply chain.



Tour conditions 


The tour is the tailor-made study tour exclusively for your group

What to learn

  To learn KAIZEN strategy accomplished in Kitakyushu

Number of perticipant : from 5 to 40

Tour duration : one-day  

Tour guide and interpreter (English ) : Japan KYUSHU Tourist

Transportation : a chartered vehicle





8:30 leave hotel in Kitakyushu

Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery Studio

Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace

Yaskawa Electric


Toyota Motor Kyushu


17:30 arrive Hotel in Kitakyushu



Where to visit and what to learn


Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery Studio

Museum of Industrial Technology, in April 2007, based on this theme of “innovation,

” the Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery & Studio (KIGS) opened in Yahata, Higashida, 

where Japan’s mordern steel industry operation was started. 

Japan’s Industrial modernization history can be learned here.


 Museum Building

World Heritage,

Meiji Japan’s Industry Revolution

Introducing Industry innovation

history of Japan

The birth place where Japan’s steel industry began in 1901
It contributed greatly to the development of the Japanese steel industry and was used until 1972,
and has been preserved just as it was. The big signboard at the top of the Blast Furnace displaying  
“1901” indicates the year in which the Blast Furnace commenced operation.

Equipment and tools which were actually used are exhibited in the square, and you can see

the iron-making process from the raw material ore and coketo production of pig iron.


  Name Plate indicated

  blow-in year

         Blast Furnace proper 

 Hot Stove and Stack


Yaskawa Electric

World-leading motor and industrial robots manufacturing company established in Kitakyushu 

in 1915. The robots are heavy duty industrial robots used in welding, packing, assembly,

painting and other activities.    Robot manufacturing factory and Yaskawa Innovation Center 

can be visited.



TOYOTA Motor Kyushu

Established in 1991, 100% shareholder of Toyota Motor.

Major manufactured car is Lexus, and annual production volume is 430,000 cars.

Assembly line and Inspection line are visited at the factory tour.




The world’s largest toilet manufacturer established in Kitakyushu in 1917.  The company is

well-known in Washlet which is an innovative toilet seat that features an integrated bidet.

The sanitary ware manufacturing factory and TOTO Museum can be visited.




The oprions

The following companies related to KAIZEN strategy can be included as option.


Nippon Steel   / Yawata Works

Japan’s first modern steel making company established in Kitakyushu in 1901. 

Now, becoming the best steel maker with World-leading capabiities.  Process of steel

making can be learned to visit Blast Furnace and Hot rolling mill plants.




NISSAN Motor Kyushu

The roots of NISSAN is Tobata Casting funded in Kitakyushu in 1911.  The factory was

commenced operation in 1975. Now TEANA, X-TRAIL ROGUE, SERENA and MURANO

are being manufactured.  The process from assembly of the parts to final products

can be seen.



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