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Saga one-day tour


Saga is a prefecture in the northwestern part of Kyushu and is located next to Fukuoka-prefecture.

From Fukuoka-city many places can be traveled in a day.



Where to Explore



located on the Higashi Matsuura Peninsula in the northwestern part of Saga-prefecture,

have been prosperous from ancient times as an important point for trade with China.


        Karatsu Castle


      Kagamiyama Mountain


     Karatsu Shrine



Famous for fresh Squid, transparent in body and firm in texture. The squid has a sweetness that

melt upon the tangue. In the finely crafted style of sashimi known as Ikezukuri, the flesh of 

still-living seafood is served.


   Yobuko Port


 Yobuko Asaichi

 Fishery morning market 


     Fresh Squid 


Hado-misaki Cape



Famous for Arita yaki which is 400-years old porcelain. The piece is bright, elegant pictures

drawn in transparent white porcelain.  




Takeo is located in the western part of Saga-prefecture and is famous for Hot Spring.




Located about 60 kilometers southwest of Saga City.

Feature sightseeing spot is Yutoku Inari Shrine and also Sake brewery visiting is recommended.




Saga is known as the plece where it has made a great contribution to the Japanese

Industrial Revolution.



Yoshinogari Remains

Lie on the spacious hilly area in the northeastern part of Saga. Remains of a ringed-dugout settlement

presumably dating back to the 3rd century B.C. were unearthed there, and excavation is still underway

at the site. They are among the largest archeological remains in Japan.



Itinerary  The following two plans are offered


Plan 1 : Karatsu, Yobuko, Arita & Takeo

8:30 Depart Fukuoka-city

Transfer to Karatsu using Nishi-kyushu Expressway, 1 hour

Visit Karatsu Castle

transfer to Yobuko and Hado-misaki Cape

Lunch at Yobuko. enjoy fresh Squid

transfer to Arita and visit Arita Porcelain Park

Exploring Takeo

Transfer to Fukuoka using Kyushu Expressway, 1 hour 30minutes 

18:00 Arrive at Fukuoka-city 


Travelling route

















Plan 2 : Kashima & Saga-city

8:30 Depart Fukuoka-city

Transfer to Kashima using Kyushu Expressway, 1 hour 30 minutes

Visit Yotoku Inari Shrine

transfer to Saga

Lunch at Saga-city

Exploring Saga-city

  Saga Castle History Museum. Saga Shrine, Mietsu Naval Dock

Transfer to Fukuoka using Kyushu Expressway, 1 hour  

18:00 Arrive at Fukuoka-city 


Travelling route















Note : we can arrange any other destinations considering your preferences for making

           your own plan.



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