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Miyazaki & Nichinan travel guide


Miyazaki & Nichinan are facing the Pacific Ocean with a beautiful coastline contains placed

of natural beauty, like Aoshima and Toi-misaki Cape. Also, on the Hitotsuba Beach of Miyazaki

city are Ocean Dome, 700 hectare all-weather indoor water park, and Miyazaki Sea Gaia, a

comprehensive resort complex complete with a wildlife park, golf courses and hotels.


Udo Shrine

Beautiful and exciting Shine,  located the cave of the cliff side facing

the Pacific Ocean. In legend, a goddess of sea built a hut to give birth

to a great god here. Then it is said that Empress Suiko (554-628) built

the shrine there.


Horikiri Pass

The suggested sightseeing spot in Nichinan. The 60m altitude pass allows

you to look down at a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. The coastline

here is lined with rocks that have been worn away by the waves splashing 

against them, as well as beautiful phoenix palm trees.


Toi Cape

Wild horses are living here. Gentle hills extend, and you can observe wild

horses, called Misaki-uma, living and grazing there. It is said that the

Misaki-uma are the descendants of army horses left grazing and which

became wild 300 years ago.


Obi Castle Ruin

The moss-covered stone walls, broad stone steps in front of the Ote-mon

main gate, moat ruin, and old samurai residences all bring back the past. 

The Matsuo-no-Maru residence and Ote-mon have been reconstructed

using the treasured Obi cedar wood.


Sun Messe Nichinan

Japan’s own replica of Moai Statues.  Enjoy a breath taking panoramic

view of the Pacific Ocean, the Sun Messe Nichinan has replicas of the

Moai statues from the Easter Island placed here and there in the area.


Miyazaki Shrine

Miyazaki Shrine is the oldest and most important shrine in the city. 

Dedicated to Emperor Jinmu, the mythical first emperor of Japan, it is said

to have been established over 2600 years ago.


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