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Takachiho travel guide

  • Takachiho Gorge


Takachiho is located in the south is Aso and offers dynamic nature Takachiho Gorge. 

The gorge has been created by volcanic activity of Aso for many years. 

The V-shaped narrow and deep gorge formed by columnar joins is made by erosion

due to water flow of the Gokase river over many years.

In addition, here is the birthplace of Japanese mythology.

It is the supposed site of legend where Amaterasu, the Shrine

Sun Goddess, disturbed by her brother’s cruel pranks, hid herself in a cave, prompting

the other gods and goddesses to try and lure her out.


Takachiho Gorge

A narrow chasm cut through the rock by the Gokase River. 

The nearly sheer cliffs lining the gorge are made of slow forming

volcanic basalt columns which resemble the scales of a dragon 

where the stone twisted and flowed as it formed.


Takachiho Gorge boat riding

The most recommended activity at Takachiho Gorge is riding

the river that flows down the base of the gorge on a rental boat.

The spot you can see waterfalls and the columnar shaped 

valley together is rare in the world. Please enjoy this amazing

view from the boat.


Takachiho shrine   

Located just west of the town center, is nestled in a grove of tall

cedars. During the day the shrine’s nondescript, unpainted buildings

blend in naturally with the surrounding trees. In the evening, you can

enjoy the Yokagura Dance.



Amano Iwato shrine 

Takachiho is a birth place of Japanese indigenous religion, Shinto. 

Takachiho is the site of one of the best known legends of Japanese

mythology. In the story, Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess, became 

so outraged by her brother’s cruel pranks that she hid herself in a 

cave, refusing to come out and depriving the world of her life-giving light.


Local cuisine , Somen nagashi

Somen is a kind of noodle which is made by wheat and is usually

eaten by dipping style. Somen nagashi is the way of eating Somen

with waterslide traditionally made by bamboo like as video below.

Nagashi means flowing.


Gokase Winery

Gokase Winery is located near Takachiho, in the beautiful plateau at

an altitude of 600m. All the wines are being made from locally grown

grapes. There is the tasting corner, you can enjoy sample wines.

Winery also can be visited.


General information  

Address Town hall : 13 Mitai, Takachiho-cho, Nishi-usuki-gun, Miyazaki-prefecture

1 hour and 10 minutes by a vehicle from Aso-city

1 hour and 50 minutes by a vehicle from Kumamoto-city

2 hours and 50 minutes by a vehicle from Nichinan-city

2 hours and 10 minutes by a vehicle from Miyazaki-city

1 hour and 15 minutes by a vehicle from Hyuga-city

Population 13,600   Population density 50














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Miyazaki & Nichinan travel guide


Miyazaki & Nichinan are facing the Pacific Ocean with a beautiful coastline contains placed

of natural beauty, like Aoshima and Toi-misaki Cape. Also, on the Hitotsuba Beach of Miyazaki

city are Ocean Dome, 700 hectare all-weather indoor water park, and Miyazaki Sea Gaia, a

comprehensive resort complex complete with a wildlife park, golf courses and hotels.


Udo Shrine

Beautiful and exciting Shine,  located the cave of the cliff side facing

the Pacific Ocean. In legend, a goddess of sea built a hut to give birth

to a great god here. Then it is said that Empress Suiko (554-628) built

the shrine there.


Horikiri Pass

The suggested sightseeing spot in Nichinan. The 60m altitude pass allows

you to look down at a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. The coastline

here is lined with rocks that have been worn away by the waves splashing 

against them, as well as beautiful phoenix palm trees.


Toi Cape

Wild horses are living here. Gentle hills extend, and you can observe wild

horses, called Misaki-uma, living and grazing there. It is said that the

Misaki-uma are the descendants of army horses left grazing and which

became wild 300 years ago.


Obi Castle Ruin

The moss-covered stone walls, broad stone steps in front of the Ote-mon

main gate, moat ruin, and old samurai residences all bring back the past. 

The Matsuo-no-Maru residence and Ote-mon have been reconstructed

using the treasured Obi cedar wood.


Sun Messe Nichinan

Japan’s own replica of Moai Statues.  Enjoy a breath taking panoramic

view of the Pacific Ocean, the Sun Messe Nichinan has replicas of the

Moai statues from the Easter Island placed here and there in the area.


Miyazaki Shrine

Miyazaki Shrine is the oldest and most important shrine in the city. 

Dedicated to Emperor Jinmu, the mythical first emperor of Japan, it is said

to have been established over 2600 years ago.


Night life Miyazaki

















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Hyuga travel guide



Spectacle art collection of exposed Rocks created by raging wave. Hyuga is a bay city,

facing the Hyuga nada Sea. The whole area along Cape Hyuga- misaki with its many

exposed rocks is designated as the Nippo-Kaigan Quasi-National Park.  Umagase at the

top of Cape Hyuga-misaki is a precipitous cliff of pillar-like rock, towering as high as 70m.


Cruz Sea

Your dream come true here. The Cruz Sea is an area of ocean

that appears to have a cross in it when viewed from an observatory.

 This cape is known as a ria coast; the “cross shape” was created

by the narrow terrain here being eroded by rivers, resulting in a

cross-shaped sea route.



Exciting scenery created by raging wave of Hyuga Sea. The coastline

here is a ria coastline, marked by intricate waterways sandwiched

between cliffs. The cliffs here are 70m high and the waves’ splashing

against them is an enchanting sight.



Let’s meet the old days of Japan.  The area in the city is designated

a National Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic 

buildings, and there remain much of the atmosphere of the 19th 

century, including buildings of old times, earthen walls, and stone



Hyuga Sun Park

Recreation facilities facing to Hyuga Sea. It is located along national

road 10 in the southern part of Hyuga.  It is a complex leisure facility 

with hot spring facilities and road stations Hyuga, restaurants and

camping grounds.


General information  

Address City hall : 10-5 Honmachi, Hyuga-city, Miyazaki-prefecture

1 hour and 10 minutes by a vehicle from Miyazaki-city

1 hour and 10 minutes by a vehicle from Takachiho

1 hour and 50 minutes by a vehicle from Nichinan-city

2 hours and 10 minutes by a vehicle from Kirishima-city

2 hours and 50 minutes by a vehicle from Kagoshima-city



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