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Amakusa travel guide


Amakusa is situated on an archipelago consisting of several island on the

west side of Kumamoto. It possesses a beautiful lush green landscape and

natural geological formations giving the islands the designation “national

Geopark”. Marine activities such dolphin watching, boat tours, seafood & 

local delicacies can be enjoyed. Amakusa also has an important historical

significance to Christians.




Exploring Amakusa 


Amakusa Gokyo / Pearl line

Amakusa Gokyo or Amakusa five bridges, is a general term for

five bridges which connects from Misumi at the Udo peninsula to

the Oyano island, the Nagaura island, Ikejima, Maejima, and

Amakusa Kamishima, was built in 1966. The area on the National

road route 266 called as the Pearl Line.


Amakusa cruise

Connecting the islands of Amakusa with the inland of Kumamoto

via the Uto Peninsula are Amakusa Gokyo or Amakusa Five Bridge.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Amakusa from the sea

on a cruise.


Christian Pilgrimage sites


Oe Cathedral 

The oldest Catholic Church in Amakusa and was one of the first

churches built right after the ban on Christianity was lifted. The and

Romanesque-style architecture and the chalky white structure was

rebuilt in 1933 by a French missionary priest named Father

Garnier using his own money.


Sakitsu Village / UNESCO World Heritage

A Gothic-looking church is located on a cove of a fishing village. In 1934,

a French priest Augustin Halbout MEP purchased the premises of the

former village headman and built a wooden and concrete finished church,

with Tetsukawa Yosuke’s design and construction.



Amakusa Shiro Memorial Hall

The theme Museum shows History of Christianity in Amakusa and 

Shimabara Rebellion which was a peasant uprising against bakufu’s

persecution of Christians under the leadership of Amakusa Shiro

in 1637.


Tomioka Castle Ruins

Built in 1602, one year after Terasawa Shimanokami hirotaka came to

Amakusa. Although Amakusa ruled by proxy for Terasawa from

Tomioka Castle, he revelled with his army in the Shimabara Rebellion

in 1637. After the rebellion, Yamasaki Kainokami Ieharu ruled from the

castle, and which was restored and enlarged to its present form. 


Featured sites

Sengan moutain


Ariake Octopus


Oppai Stone or breast



General information  


by Airplane

35 minutes from Fukuoka airport to Amakusa airport

25 minutes from Kumamoto airport to Amakusa airport

by Ferry

45 minutes from Mogi port in Nagasaki to Takaoka port

30 minutes from Kuchinotsu port in Minami-Shimabara to Oniike port

bY JR 40 minutes from Kumamoto Station to Misumi Station
by Car

From Kumamoto-city

60 minutes to Misumi

70 minutes to Oyano

85 minutes to Matsushima

100 minutes to Ariake

125 minutes to Hondo

180 minuted to Shimoda Onsen

200 minutes to Oe













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