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Aso travel guide


Aso is located almost in the center of Kyushu and possesses the world’s largest

Caldera with 18km west-east and 24km north-south, created by 4 periods of explosive

volcanic activity in the ancient times.

The Caldela is surounding the Outer edge mountain with a circumference of around 120 km

In the Aso Caldera, there are Aso five mountains including Naka-dake mountain 

which is an active volcano where the crater can be viewed from the top. 

Daikanbo peak, on the nirthern part Outer edge mountain is the must place

to visit offering panoramic views of the magnificent scenery including the

Aso five mountains and the serene and beautiful green plains below.



Exploring Aso


Aso five mountains

Aso five mountains is located in the Caldera where is 25 km across

north to south and 18 km across east to west.

Aso five mountains consists of 5 mountains ; Mt. Neko (1,433m) ,

Mt. Taka (1,592m) , Mt. Naka 1,506m) , Mt. Eboshi (1,337) ,

and Mt. Kishima (1,326m). 

Mt. Naka is the largest actice volcano in Japan.



The beautiful prairie of 785,000 square meter in the crater spreads in

northern part of Mt. Eboshi that is one of the Aso five Mountains. 

A big pond at its center and grazing horses round about make an

idyllic scene. Visitors can enjoy the various seasons from its vivid green

summer to the fantastic silvery winter, as well as riding horses and strolling

around throughout the year.



Daikanbo is located on the northern part of outer edge of the Aso Caldera.

The perfect spot view the northern part of caldera and the Aso five five

mountains. Daikanbo  literally means a big observatory peak.

The circumference of the Aso caldera is about 130 kilometers.

From the observation site, you can clearly see its conical shape. Early

in the morning, the clouds had spread out below us, and hung over the

Caldera as if they were a large sea.


Aso Shrine

Aso Shrine is popular as a god protecting worshipers from traffic

accidents, and exorcism, marriage, and learning. Aso shrine one of the

oldest and most prominent shrines in Japan, and was built in 281 before 

accession of the 1st Emperor Jinmu.


Kurokawa Onsen

The most popular hot spring resort in Aso region, located on the northern

 side of  Mount Aso.  Widely known for its open-air baths, it is one of the

 best places to enjoy the atmosphere of old town in Japan, where more

than 20 Inns (Ryokan)and gift shops standing in a row along the 

Tanoharu River, a headstream of the Chikugo River.


Nabegataki Waterfall

Nabegataki Waterfall is a hidden tourist spot in Kumamoto prefecture, 

located just outside Oguni town in Aso region. One of the area’s more

well-known waterfalls. Looking like a mini-Niagara. 


Shirakawa fountain

Shirakawa suigen is the fountain to Shirakawa river that is one of the 

first class rivers of Japan. The quantity of water that spouts with the

sand at the bottom of the pond is approximately 60 tons per minute.



Tourist Tram  /  Minami Aso Rail Way

The Minami Aso railway is a private railroad offering a very scenic

ride from Takamori to Nakamatsu in the south east of the caldera.

Lovely and magnificent scenery of Aso can be enjoyed.


Kikuchi Valley

Enjoy short trekking in the Nature. Kikuchi Valley is located in Aso

Kuju National Park and underground water flows out of the subsoil

for 4km along the valley floor.  It is also called the Kikuchi water

source and its water was selected as one of the 100 best waters

in Japan.



General information  

Address City hall : 504-1 Miyaji, Ichinomiya, Aso-city, Kumamoto-prefecture

70 minutes by a vehicle from Kumamoto-city

70 minutes by a vehicle from Takachiho

140 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city

Population 234,000   Population density 540

















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