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Kokura Gion Daiko (小倉祇園太鼓)


Kokura Gion Daiko is a summer festivals in which the main attraction is the playing the drums.

In 1958 the event was designated as an intangible folk cultural asset of Fukuoka prefecture.
On July 1st the Kokura Gion Taiko Uchizome-shiki (the ceremony to 
inaugurate Taiko practice sessions) is held,and from that moment,Kokura’s exciting summer begins,with each town and company group striving to perfect its own Taiko performance ahead of the Festival which is held from Friday of the third weel

in July.

A prominent feature of the festival are the dashi (decorated cart) parades through the town,carrying two drums,one at the front of the cart and one at the rear,with four drummers beating the Taiko in time to gongs called jangara, and reciting the phrase Yassa Yare Yare. 

The highlights of the Festival which you should not miss are the Taiko Performing Contest held at Kokura Castle on July 16th; and the Taiko Performing Parade held at Komonji-dori street on Sunday of the third week in July.

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