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Wasshoi Million Summer Festival


Wasshoi Million Summer Festival is one of the festivals representing Kyushu and  started in 1988

to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the formation of the city and has more than one and half

million spectators every year. 


The festival is held on Komonji dori Avenue in front of Kitakyushu City Government  Office on the
first Saturday and Sunday of August ( August 5 and 6 this year).

On the first day (Saturday)
,after the opening ceremony parade, festivals representing each of the
old cities assemble to join the parade and excitement grows among all the festival participants and spectators.

On the second day (Sunday), the Million Dance is performed around Kokura Castle by one and half million citizens who come from local companies and town groups,wearing themed festival costumes.
They dance and dance, enlivening and energising the festival.
One of the greatest highlights is the firework display,this spectacular show marks the finale of the festival.
・Venue : Komonji Avenue and Katsuyama Park Kokura kitaku

・Direction : A 15 min. walk from JR Kokura Station



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