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Somen nagashi, Yamanotera Yukyo


Shimabara is famous for Somen noodles in Kyushu.

You can enjoy Somen nagashi at local restaurant, Yamanotera Yukyo.

Address : Fukae, Minami Shimabara-city, Nagasaki-prefecture.


Takamori dengaku-mura


Takamori dengaku is a dish created to make the sweet potatoes, which can only be grown

in this region, more delicious and last longer.

As part of Takamori’s culinary culture, it has remained the same since then, with the addition

of some ingredients.What we are particular about is that the condiments in Dengaku miso

are exposed to the sun and contain a lot of minerals that have been absorbed, making it

a dish that not only fills your stomach but also maintains your health by eating it.

We hope you will enjoy Aso with traditional slow food while sitting around the hearth,

coating the ingredients grilled over natural charcoal with miso, and talking with others.


Restautants at JR Kokura station, in Kitakyushu


Ekikara 30 po Yokocho, is the restaurant floor at 1st floor of AMU Place, JR Kokura


There are various type of Japanese style restaurant including Ramen restaurant.

Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed.


Roanji in Imari


Imari is a town of Porcelain.

Roanji is the authentic local restaurant in Imari offer dishes made with Imari ingredients

including Imari beef.

Reataurants in Nagasaki


In Nagasaki, you can enjoy many king of Meals for lunch and dinner.

Especially, at JR Nagasaki station building 1st floor and AMU Plaza 5th floor,

a lot of restaurants there, you can choose the meals what you want.


Mitsui Club Japanese and Western Restaurant, in Kitakyushu-city


The Japanese and Western Restaurant at the Mitsui Club.

You can enjoy grilled curry that originated from Moji Port.


Mitsui Club was built by the Mitsui Co., Ltd in 1921 as a reception center 

and to provide accommodation for VIP’s. It is now designated as an

important cultural property. Dr. Albert Einstein who awarded Nobel Prize in

Physics stayed here. 

Oyster Barbecue Hut, in Itoshima


Itoshima oyster growing up in the rich nature of mountain and sea Itoshima oyster features

mellow and sweet taste.  There are many Oyster Barbecue Huts at five fishing harbours.

The huts only open during the season, from end of October to March or April.

The huts are simple in construction; just big vinyl tents filled with a few dozen tables, each with

their own grill. You can get oysters, sazae (sea snails), prawns, fish and other seafood, fresh as

fresh can be, by the crate. The hut provides the grill, tongs, cotton gloves, and other tools for you

try your hand at grilling your own seafood.

Cooking them right can be tricky, but learning is part of the fun. For oysters, try putting the flat side

down first, flip after awhile, and wait for them to open from the heat.  Take them off the grill—gloves

on of course—and open them the rest of the way with the provided knife. Add a touch of shoyu

(soy sauce), ponzu (a tangy citrus-based sauce), lemon juice, or mayonnaise if you like and they’re

ready to eat. If you’re unsure how to cook things, just look around at what the other tables are doing

or wave over the helpful kakigoya staff.

Ichirano-no mori, Hakata Ramen, in Itoshima


Let’s enoy Hakara Ramen.  Ichiran is an authentic tonkotsu ramen  (pork born soup ramen)

restaurant, established in 1960.  The ramen producing factory can be visited and various 

type of ramen can be enjoyed at Ichiran-no-mori.

Starbucks at Dazaifu Shrine


Coffee break under the traditional atmosphereThe restaurant was designed by renown

architecture designer Kengo Kuma in 2011. The concept of the design is Harmony of

Modern and traditional by natural material; 2000 cedar timber is assembled in a traditional

wood structure without using nails. Enjoy the luxurious time in the warmth of wood and the

scent of coffee.

Seafood restaurant Isonoya, in Itoshima


Featured Seafood restaurant, Isonoya. Special seafood dish used fresh fishes

caught in the Genkai Sea can be enjoyed. 

The restaurant is located adjacent to Keya fishing port and the port is also used

for Keya Cave cruise.