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June flowers, Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a flower in the rainy season of Japan.

Usually, the rainy season begins in early June, however the season has not started

yet this year.  We need rain.





The photos are taken at Yahata port in Kitakyushu-city, today.


June 08, 2020.

Kawachi Reservoir

It is beautiful day today.
The temperature is like early summer and is 28 degree Celsius.

I walk around Kawachi Reservoir.







Kawachi Resevoir is the first-class civil construction heritage completed in 1927, the triggered

the registration of World Cultural Heritage of Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution.  

The Reservoir was constructed for the industrial water supply to Yawata Steel Works.

The dam was constructed at the Okura River and upper stream of the dam was expanded and 

making the 7milion cubic metre reservoir.


June 07, 2020

Seasonal flowers, iris

Iris flowers are in full bloom at Yomiya Park in Kitakyushu-city.

posted on June 6, 2020.