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Bungo-ono and Ogata travel guide



Okubungo is a Nature-blessed region at Ono River basin,  the northern part is surrounded by

Aso & Kuju Mountains. Bungo-ono and Ogawa are located in the southern part of Okubungo.


Bungo-ono and Ogata 


Harajiri Waterfall

In the Ogata River, running through the center of the Ogata plain in Oita Prefecture





Okubungo Ogata-so

Densyokan Building Kinu-san Clay doll Kinu-san Clay doll




local shopping center

Chindano-taki Water Fall Chindano-taki Water Fall



Kusu and Kokonoe



Okubungo is a Nature-blessed region at Ono River basin,  the northern part is surrounded

by Aso & Kuju Mountains Kusu and Kokonoe are located in the south-west side of Okubungo.

usu including Kokonoe 

Kokonoe Yume Otsurihasi

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan and the 2nd leongest in the World

Splendid and beautiful view from the thrilling sunpension bridge over the Naruko river valley.



Takara Hachiman Shrine

Have you ever seen a wild white boar?  The wild white bore at the Shrine has function as both

guardians and messengers for the deities at Shinto shrines. The white boars are thought to bring

happiness. After visiting the shrine, you should ask the cute boars for some good-luck blessings.



Sujiyu Onsen Resort

A tranquil Onsen Resort at Waita mountain foot of 1,000 metre altitude. It is said that the Onsen

was founded more than 1,000 years ago, and now there are 30 Japanese style accommodations

called Ryokan in there.



Handa kogen Plateau

The best driving area where the beautiful scenery of Aso Kuju National Park can be enjoyed

The Handa kogen Plateau is located in the southern part of Kokonoe-cho, Kusu-gun.

Altitude is 800 to 1,200 m. By the opening of the Yamanami Highway in 1964, the area became

a nice sightseeing spot connected to Beppu Onsen and Yufuin in the north and Aso in the south.



Nakatsu & Yabakei travel guide


Nakatsu is a small city on the north coast of Oita-prefecture, just east of its

border with Fukuoka-prefecture.

During the Edo Period of Japanese history, Nakatsu was a mid-sized domain,

and the town itself has recently expanded to include outlying towns and districts

and now comprises almost 500 square kilometers with a population of almost 85,000.


Exploring Nakatsu 


Nakatsu Castle

The castle was built in 1588 on the estuary of Nakatsu river.



Goganji Temple

The temple called Akakabe Dera literally means red wall.



Exploring Yabakei



The approximately 1 km high monolithic rockey mountain.




The tunnel built by a monk Zenkai in Edo period, spending 30 years.



Rakanji Temple

A historic temple built on the top of the mountain in 645​.




Called Hitomi Hakkei, the scenic spot.




Maple Yaba Cycling Road

Cycling road built on the site of the old Yabakei Railroad.






General information 

Address City hall : 14-3 Toyoda-machi, Nakatsu-city, Oita-prefecture

60 minutes by a vehicle from JR Beppu

60 minutes by a vehicle from Yufuin

40 minutes by a vehicle from Bungo-takada-city

40 minutes by a vehicle from Usa-city

60 minutes by a vehicle from Kitakyushu-city

100 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city

Population 83,000   population density 170


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