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Customized tour


When designing a customized tour, we take into consideration the diversity of 

travellers from all over the world, We understand that our customers have

different preferences and expectations.  We have extensive local expertise

on all aspects of Kyushu, and our programs are designed to be different, thematic,

flexible, adaptable and authentic. We can make a itinerary suitable for anyone

and everyone.


1) Transportation

For making your travel pleasant and in accordance with your requirements

and preferences, a Private vehicle is used for transportation.

The Private vehicle utilized depends on the number of persons and duration

of the tour.




A jumbo taxi with 9 seats or a taxi with 4 seats is used for a small number of travellers,

and an English speaking driver is also available.

A bus is used for a large number of travellers or more than 10 people and the English

speaking tour guide will escort your group in accordance with the tour itinerary.



2) Route design   

We have various kind of Model itineraries  to assist in creating your Customized tour

plan. There are special Short duration tours from Fukuoka and also comprehensive

Long duration tours that cover all areas of Kyushu.




By using the most suitable Model itinerary, we will work closely with you to

make a detailed plan which includes the particular places to be visited,

experiences to be enjoyed, choice of accommodation, meals and other things

that you may wish to request.



3) Accommodation and rooming

We understand that accommodation is very important factor for a pleasant,

satisfying and comfortable journey. 

We have two types of accommodations in Japan, authentic Japanese style

accommodation and Western style Hotels. 




We will combine these accommodations considering various aspects of the place

to be stayed in. Japanese style accommodations are recommended at Onsen

resorts and here also a  traditional Kaiseki dinner can be enjoyed. 

At places other than Onsen resort, Western style Hotels are recommended and 

dinner is enjoyed outside of Hotel. In this case we will select the hotels location

so there are plenty of dinner opportunities.

When choosing suitable accommodation, we will also take into account detailed info

rmation such as attractions in the location, available meals including Kaiseki dinners,

style of Onsen and accommodation facilities and services that can offer a warm homely 

atmosphere and as well the overall expense. 



4) Meal planning, Japanese cuisine

One of the most enjoyable things to do is experiencing authentic Japanese cuisine. 

There are many types of dishes and local specialities, therefore you can taste various

styles of Japanese cuisine and you can also enjoy a Kaiseki-dinner at Japanese





A Kaiseki dinner is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. It places a huge

emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients as well as presentation. Each dish is a

delicate balancing act of flavor, texture and color. Every aspect is considered in

detail, including the tableware each course is served on. Kaiseki is just as

much a feast for the eyes as the taste buds and is a culinary experience unlike

any other.

When we propose the Meal planning we will give attention to the issues most

important and relevant to you and consider the following things.

We will refer to your particular preferences, including the type of cuisine,

frequency of meals, allergies and religious

restrictions, and design each day’s meal plan based  on the above information.



5) Activities

Kyushu is composed of numerous unique and charming regions each with their

own distinct nature, history, climate , cuisine and culture.  




During your travels in Kyushu, you will have a lot of unforgettable experiences

such as enjoying Authentic Japanese cuisines and local foods, visiting Sake

breweries, Food stall stands and Yatai in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu.

Other amazing attractions and activities include the Fruit harvest experience, 

Dolphin watching, Canal boat cruises, the Gunkan-jima island cruise, Onsen

experiences, the Hell tour in Beppu, enjoying night views in Kitakyushu and

Nagasaki, watching Local Festivals and Shopping at each local area for 

Local souvenirs.


We are always striving to exceed your expectations for your absolute satisfaction.




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