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Hyotan Onsen, sand bath


The most popular pubulic bath in Beppu. You can enjoy various type of Onsen including the

sand bath. Hyotan Onsen is a public bath where is located in Kannawa district in Beppu.



There are Outdoor bathes, Hyotan bath, Waterfall bath, Steam bath and Sand bath. You can

also enjoy meals at the restaurant; local specialty cuisine Dangojiru, or food steamed with the

steam from hot spring. The waters of this Onsen contain sodium chloride which is effective for 

neuralgia and women’s diseases.



General information  

Address 159-2 Kannawa, Beppu-city, Oita-prefecture

15 minutes by a vehicle from JR Beppu Station

10 minutes walk from Kannawa Kamenoi Bus stop

Open hours 9:00 to 25:00
Admission fee

JPY 750

Days closed No closing days


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