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Kokura had flouriched as a castle town until end of the 19th century.
Now, it is the heart of Kitakyushu-city, and many of the main tourist spots, hotels, shopping districts and restaurants are located around JR Kokura station.
The “must-see” sights of
Kokura Castle, Kokura Castle Garden and River Walk Kitakyushu are with in walking distance and can be reached by going through the local shopping arcade from Kyomachi to Uomachi.


Where to explore


Kokura Castle

One of the Must visit destination in Kitakyushulocated within a walking distance of JR Kokura Stations. Hosokawa Tadaoki commenced the construction of Kokura Castle in 1602 and spent 7 years to completed it.

The castle had a fivefold and six layered donjon and it was built in the architectural style called “Kara-zukuri”.  more

Kokura Castle Garden

To the east side of castle, there is Kokura Castle Garden, which has reproduced the mansion of a feudal lord from the Edo period. The area around the castle is maintained a Katsuyama Park, which is famous for cherry blossom.   more


Shinozaki Hachiman Shrine

One of the most beautiful Shinto Shrine in Kitakyushu.

The sacred places believed to give visitors some special energy and a spiritual force that heals and refreshes.
The shrine was founded in 584 after gods of Haciman Shrine Ojin Emperor and Jimgu Empress.




River Walk Kitasyushu

River Walk Kitakyushu is a large commercial facility near the Murasaki River and Kokura Castle.
It was opened as part of the Kitakyushu Renaissance Scheme in 2003, and possesses many colorful and originally designed buildings.  more


Tanga market 

Tanga Market is a typical Japanese market, known as “the kitchen” in Kitakyushu-city. There are more than 120 shops in the 180 metre-long arcade. Here you get a true taste of the culture and sample the real life style of the people living in Kitakyushu. more




Kokura Gion Daiko Festival

The summer festivals held in july around Kokura Castle, in which the main attraction is the playing the drums.
The highlights of the Festival which you should not miss are the Taiko Performing 
Contest held a Kokura Castle on July 15th, and the Taiko Performing Parade held at Komonji-dori street on July 16th.  more


Wasshoi Million Summer Fastival

The Festival is one of the festivals representing Kyushu and  started in 1988 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of th formation of the city and has more than one and half million spectators every year. 
It is held in Kokura on the 1st Saturday and Sunday in August.


Local specialities and cuisines


Food stall at Tanga

At night time, food stalls open in the square in front of Tanga Market.
Here you can try delicious oden (a stew made from various ingredients) and ramen.




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