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Ruins of Urakami Cathedral



When you look to the right facing the Ground zero Monument see a sectionof damaged brick

wall from the former Urakami Cathedral.  The church was located about 500 m northeast of 

theGround zeroon the same site as the modern refurbished Urakami Cathedral. The construction

of former building began in 1895 and continued until 1925, when the twin steeples reached



Ruin of destroyed Urakami


Ruin of destroyed Urakami


Present Urakami Cathedral


Known at that time as the largest church in Orient, the imposing red-brick structure was devastated

by the atomic bomb explosion, and a large number of parishioners were killed. In 1958, part of the

damaged eleven-meter-tall southern wall was moved to Nagasaki Peace Park. The new cathedral

was rebuilt in hornor of those lost. It was reconstructed to its present shape in 1959 and the brick

construction was renovated in 1980, a year before the Pope’s visit.



 Location of Nagasaki-city




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