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Sakura-jima Island travel guide


Sakurajima Island is the symbol of Kagoshima.
The smoke and steam rises almost every day from the active volcano

Minamidake. Formerly an island, it became connected with the Osumi 

Peninsula in 1914 when lava from its summit closed the channel between

 the two. Observation points on the island can be accessed by ferry.



Access to Sakura-jima Island 

Sakura-jima Ferry connects Kagoshima-city and Sakurajima in 15 minutes and is

operated for 24 hours.


 Kagoshima port

 To Sakura-jima Island

  Sakura-jima Island


Exploring Sakura-jima Island 


   Michino eki Sakura-jima

Kinko Bay from Sakura-jima

Kinko Bay from Sakura-jima


       Yunohira Observatory

        Yunohira Observatory

   Stand at the Observatory


  Arimura Lava Observatory

            Lava Observatory

             Lava Observatory


     Lava Observatory

       Lava Observatory

       Lava Observatory


General information  

Access to Sakurajima Ferry Kagoshima port

  45 minutes by a vehicle from Kagoshima Airport

  15 minutes by a vehicle from JR Kagoshima-chuo Station

Access to Sakurajima

  15 minutes by Sakurajima Ferry from Kagoshima port to Sakurajima port



Sakura-jima Island 









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