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Sofukuji Temple



The first Chinese style temple in Nagasaki. Shortly after the construction of Kofukuji Temple,

Chinese traders asked the Nagasaki governor for permission to built Chinese temples

according to their home provinces. It is recorded that this temple was built in 1629 by people 

who came from Fuzhou in Fujian Province. It is designated as a National Treasure.




The existing main hall ( called Daiyuhoden ) was first prefabricated in China, then transported by

Chinese ship and constructed in 1646. As the oldest existing structure to retain the Obaku style

of the end of the Ming Dynasty, the temple’s hall is highly evaluated.



 Location of Nagasaki-city





General information  

Address 7-5 Kajiya-machi, Nagasaki-city

A short walk from Sofukuji Tram station 

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