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West Japan Industrial Club



Historic Building representing modern Japanese architecture

The building was constructed in 1911 as the former Matsumoto Kenjiro residence, and

was designed by renown architectural designer Tatsuno Kingo, whose representative

works was JR Tokyo Station.  The building is designated as a national cultural asset.


Former owner, Matsumoto Kenjiro was a Japan’s prominent business person and one

of founder of Meiji Senmon Gakkō or Meiji Technical College, Current Kyushu Institute

of Technology.


This building is now open to the public, and it is used as a restaurant, party and wedding reception.



 General information  

Address 1-4-3 Ichieda, Tobata, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

20 minutes by a vehicle from JR Kokura World Station

10 minutes by a vehicle from JR Tobata Station



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