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Yame Fukushima



White-walled townscape, Fukushima area is designated as an important traditional buildings

preservation area by the Japanese government.



Since the Edo Era (1603 – 1868), the area has flourished as an economical and political base,

and many merchant houses which retain the atmosphere of that time remain even today, mainly

in the towns of Miyano, Kyo, and Furumatsu.



The folk performing art “Fukushima Lantern Dolls” is performed at Fukushima Hachimangu

Shrine in Miyano Town around September 23 of every year. *Various events take place

throughout the year (Yame Paper Lantern Festival, Yame White Wall Gallery Tour, etc.).



General information  

Address Motomachi, Yame-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

60 minutes by a vehicle from JR Hakata station (Fukuoka-city)

40 minutes by a vehicle from Yanagawa

40 minutes by a vehicle from Asakura

35 minutes by a vehicle from Kurume

100 minutes by a vehicle from Kitakyushu-city




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