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Kyushu Travel Guide

Yoshinogari Remains

  Saga tour, Saga travel guide, Blog

  The largest archeological remains in Japan   Lie on the spacious hilly area in the northeastern part of Saga …

Yoshinogari Remains…の続きを読む

Saga Shrine

  Saga tour, Saga travel guide, Blog

  The shrine is designated as the special government shrine   The shrine dedicated to Naomasa Nabeshima, who o …

Saga Shrine…の続きを読む

Kyushu Electric Power / Geothermal power plant

  Power generation   Kyushu Electric Power / Hachobaru Geothermal plant   Japan’s largest thermal power p …

Kyushu Electric Power / Geothermal power…の続きを読む

Water treatment plants and facilities

  Hiagari Sewage water treatment plant  The sewage come through the sewer pipe is purified in the plant and flow in …

Water treatment plants and facilities…の続きを読む

Saga Castle History Museum

  Saga tour, Saga travel guide, Blog

  Japan’s Industrial Modernization activity was started here   The largest restored wooden building in Japan a …

Saga Castle History Museum…の続きを読む

Environmental and Waste management tour

  Kitakyushu is offering various Environmental and Waste manatement technologies.   Kitakyushu-city, once know …

Environmental and Waste management tour…の続きを読む

Nagasaki Kunchi

  Nagasaki Kunchi is one of big-three festival in Japan, held on October 7 to 9 at Suwa Shrine. The festival featur …

Nagasaki Kunchi…の続きを読む

Japanese Cultural experiences in Kitakyushu

Time to enjoy dressing in kimono tea ceremony experience, and Rickshaw riding experience at  Kokura Castle Garden and Ko …

Japanese Cultural experiences in Kitakyu…の続きを読む