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Kyushu Travel Guide

Fruits harvest experience


Let’s enjoy harvesting Fruits


In the harvest time, the northern Kyushu boasts many area with beautiful fruit orchards.

Fukuoka is one of the leading fruit-producing prefecture in all Japan.
The fruit production in Fukuoka is primarily concentrated in the southern Chikugo region

such as Ukiha, Asakura and Tanushimaru.


Grape : August to bignning of October, in Ukiha and Tanushimaru 


Persimmon : Middle of October to biginning of December, in Asakura, Ukiha and Tanushimaru 


AppleAugust to December, in Asakura and Kama 


Strawbery : December through May, in Ukiha and Yame


Kabosu, September to October in Bungo-ono, Oita-prefecture



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