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Gunkan-jima island cruise


The cruise ship take you exploring Tachibana bay from Nagasaki port and landing on

Gunkan-jima island.


Hashima coal mining island is an artificial reclaimed island and the site of Japan’s first major

undersea coal exploitation (1890) pioneered by Mitsubishi – and host to one of the world’s

most extraordinary former mining communities. Hashima Island is located 3 km southwest of

Takashima, and it was the success of Takashima that led Mitsubishi to purchase this island,

both islands giving access to the same undersea coal deposit.

Now Hashima is a ruin called “Gunkanjima”, so called after its resemblance to the silhouette.




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Address Hashima Takashima, Nagasaki-city

about 40 by a ferry from Nagasaki port


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