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Kyushu Travel Guide

Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi


The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan

the 2nd leongest in the World


Splendid and beautiful view from the thrilling sunpension bridge over the Naruko river valley.

The bridge is located in Kokonoe near Yufuin.


390 metre long, 173 metre height from the Nariko River valley


     Naruko River Valley south

      Naruko River Valley north

               Shindo Watefall

          Kuju mountain range

           Seasonal wild flowers

         Seasonal wild flower


 Location of Okubungo




General information  

Address 1208 Oaza-tano, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita-prefecture

  15 minutes by a vehicle from Handa kogen Plateau

  40 minutes by a vehicle from Yufuin

  60 minutes by a vehicle from Beppu

  60 minutes by a vehicle from Aso

130 minutes by a vehicle from Kumamoto-city

120 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city

130 minutes by a vehicle from Kitakyushu-city

Open hours

8:30 to 17:00  January to June, November to December

8:30 to 18:00  July to October

Admission fee JPY 500
Days closed No closing days


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