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Nagasaki-bana Cape


Nagasaki-bana Cape is the southernmost point of the Satsuma Peninsula.

A walking path leads from a small cluster of souvenir shops to the tip of the cape where

there stands a white lighthouse.


         To the Cape


        View from the sea

A highlight of a visit to the cape are the views of nearby Mount Kaimondake, which stands

924 meters above sea level. Because of its conical shape, it bears a striking resemblance to

Mount Fuji and is often referred to as “Satsuma Fuji”.


        Mount Kaimondake


                Kinko bay

Nagasaki-bana Cape is said to be the birthplace of The Legend of Urashima Taro who saved a turtle,

it took him to Ryugu-jo (the Palace of the Dragon as a token of it’s gratitude).

The new worship hall of the Ryugu Shrine was built in 2011.


              Ryugu Shrine

           Shrine main building

           Urashima Taro

The name of popular limited express for sightseeing “Ibusuki-tamate-bako” is associated with the

Legend of Urashima Taro.




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