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Japan KYUSHU Tourist is the Specialist of Fukuoka and Kyushu tours  


We offers various types of customized private tours and trips exclusively for you.

Sightseeing tour, Golf tour, Study tour, Educational tour, Field trip, Company inspection tour.

Your own customized tour can be planned based on your purpose and interest of journey.   



 Our Services  


Taior-made tours   from 4 to 30 pax

Our tour is specialized in the group tour such as friends, family, company or any groups.

The number of participant of the tour is normally from 4 to 30.

We offer the chartered vehicle, foreign language speaking guide & attendant, accommodations,

as well as meal arrangement.

If you can use a jumbo taxi with 9 seats, a foreign language (English, Chinese or Korean) speaking

driver can be organized.


Self-guided tours   from 4 to 9 pax

If you love travel independently, we offer your customized private tour in accordance with

your requirements and preferences.

Our tour is a small group tour such as friends, family, company or any groups.

The number of participant of the tour is normally from 4 to 9.

We offer the chartered vehicle to be used ; a taxi with 4 seats or a jumbo taxi with 9 seat.

A foreign language (English, Chinese or Korean) speaking driver can be organized

if you you need. Our Self-guided tour includes a chartered vehivle and Accommodations.


Study tours   up to 45 pax

Customized private tour in accordance with the request.

Our study tour offers the solutions for what you want to improve, develop and solve that you

are facing. Kitakyushu-city which achieved Japan’s Industrial modernization is the best place

for study tours; various things can be learn including state-of-art technologies.


Golf tour   from 4 to 30 pax

Fukuoka and Kyushu are Paradises of Golf. Kyushu has about 250 golf courses and you can

play golf comfortably throughout the year because it is warmer than other areas in Japan.

The Golf tour package, everything is covered from the moment you arrive at the airport,

inclusive of onward travel arrangements, accommodation, golf, and any other extras you may need.


Tour guide

We have been offering tour guide by qualified guide so that  travelers from oversea can enjoy sightseeing 

fascinating  destination Fukuoka, and the surrounding regions of Kyushu  Languages to be used are

English, Chinese and Korean.


Should you need further information please feel free to contact us.

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You can also contact us by e-mail at info@japan-kyushu-tourist.com

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Address :  AIM buiding 6th floor, 3-8-1 Asano, Kokura-kitaku, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture 



Terms and Conditions

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It is one of our top priorities to always protect our customers’ personal information.