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Sengan-en is the most famous garden in Kagoshima-ken, made by Shimazu lord in the 19th

century at the beautiful bayside Kinko bay.

The garden contains many historic artifacts that tell of its long history.


              Mount Sakurajima

        Sengansen garden

     Sengansen garden

           Shimazu residence

          Open corridor



            Dining room

             Armour and helmet


World Heritage, Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolution

Shoko Shuseikan Modern Industrial Complex

The museum of the Classics located here exhibits a various of objests related to the Shimazu

family and the Satsuma domain, introducing a Shimazu family tree chart and many other belongings.


             World Heritage    

         Shoko Shuseikan 

      Shoko Shuseikan entrance

The stone buiding which houses the collection has been desighnated on the World Heritage, 

Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolution.


 Reflectance furnace foundation

  Base of Reflectance furnace

          Reflectance furnace



General information

Address 9700-1 Yoshino-machi, Kagoshima-city, Kagoshima-prefecture

20 minutes by a vehicle from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station

40 minutes by a vehicle from Kagoshima Airport

10 minutes by a vehicle from Sakurajima Ferry port

Open hours 8:30 to 17:30
Admission fee

JPY 1,000

Shoko Shuseikan can also be visited

Days closed No closing days


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