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Sotome area Hidden Christian Site


Hidden Christian Sites has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage


Sotome area Hidden Christian Site

The mission base of de Rotz, who dedicated himself to assisting the needy


When he discovered the underground Christians, Petitjean realized that there were many other

Christians hiding in the Sotome region.

He appointed de Rotz as the parish priest of the Shitsu and Kurosaki districts.

On an elevation commanding a view over the Sea of Goto, he established a church at his own expense.

The building was extended and renovated again and again. A statue of Mary that he ordered from France is standing in the bell tower.

Around Sotome area

Michino-eki, Road Station

Endo Shusaku Literary Museum

Fishing harbor



General information

Address Shitsu, Nagasaki-city
Access 50 minutes by a vehicle from JR Nagasaki Station



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