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Kunisaki Peninsula

  Kunisaki Peninsula is a rural area located on the north-east side of  Oita-prefecture. It is especially popular f …

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Aso, in Kumamoto-prefecture

  Aso is located almost in the center of Kyushu and possesses the world’s largest Caldera with 18km west-east and 2 …

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Hiburi-shinji at Aso Shrine

  Hiburi-shinji is the annual festival held at Aso Shrine in Aso, Kumamoto-prefecture. Hiburi-shinji is a Shinto ri …

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Akaushi don

  Japanese cuisine

  Akausi don is this rice bowl is made with luxurious Aso red beef called Akaushi raised in the nature of the magni …

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Takamori dengaku

  Japanese cuisine

  Takamori dengaku is the local cuisine in Aso, which a dish created to make the sweet potatoes, which can only be …

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Takamori dengaku-mura

  Takamori dengaku is a dish created to make the sweet potatoes, which can only be grown in this region, more delic …

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Wasshoi Million Summer Festival

  Wasshoi Million Summer Festival is one of the festivals representing Kyushu and  started in 1988 to commemorate t …

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Japan’s longest foot bath, in Obama


  The Japan’s longest foot bath. Called “ Hot foot 105 ” is the Japan’s longest foot bath in  Obama Onsen Resort, l …

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Sand bath, in Ibusuki

  Japanese Culture

  Ibusuki is an Onsen Resort that is famous for its sand baths, where bathers are buried in naturally heated sand. …

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Nagasaki Kunchi

  Nagasaki Kunchi is one of big-three festival in Japan, held on October 7 to 9 at Suwa Shrine. The festival featur …

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