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Unzen Onsen Resort


Beautiful highland Onsen Resort situated Unzen National Park. The area was the first area to

be designated as a National Park in Japan.  Whether you are taking in the stunning panoramic

views from top one of the many peaks including Nita-toge Pass or looking up these volcanic 

mountains or Fugen, you will marvel at the spectacular scenery.  As each season brings a vivid

change to the appearance the face of Unzen you may wish to return again and again to enjoy

the full range of rich variations.


Welcome to Unzen


         Unzen Bus center

              Unzen Jigoku 

                  Nita pass


Stay in Unzen

There are 17 Hotels and Japanese style inns around Unzen Jigoku. From every hotel,  

beautiful scenery which changes by season can be enjoyed.



Featured destinations

            Bideo Museum

             Bideo Museum

       Unzen Golf Course


Characteristics of hot spring

The hot springs of Unzen is characterized by its sulfurous hot water with high acidity  (pH: 2.0 – 2.2),
which is uniquely high comparing to hot springs in Europe where the hot springs treatment is actively 
performed. The temperature of the hot springs of Unzen is as hot as around 90 Degree Celsius.

Unzen hot springs is known by its component of hot water such as “acid hydrogen sulfide springs”, “aluminiferous springs including hydrogen sulfide” or “ferrous salfate springs” but it is generally called
 “sulfurous hot springs.


Efficacy of hot spring

The hot springs of Unzen is highly effective in sterilization because of its acidity.It takes effect
against skin diseases in general such as eczema, chilblain, incisures, and other skin related
problems. It is also noted that the Unzen hot spring is effective to facial treatment as well as 
effective against chronic rheumatism, diabetes, neuralgic pain, muscle pain, joint pain, and
fatigue with health-promoting benefits.




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