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About Japan


Along the west end of the Pacific Ocean lies the Japanese archipelago, which consists

of four main islands, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, with hundreds of tiny islands.





In Japan, Onsen  are the country’s hot springs and the bathing facilities

and  traditional inns around them. Most Japanese love bathing in Onsen

(hot springs), and many believe that the water can cure certain ailments.

There are many volcanoes around Japan, and therefore many Onsen.


Japanese Castle

Long ago Japan was divided into many small provinces. The lords of each

province fought to take each other’s territory. Castles were built by the

lords to show off their power and control their provinces. They were both

residences and military bases. They were made of wood, but used various

defensive devices for protection.


Japanese religions

Why is Japanese religious orientation eclectic? Japanese indigenous religion,

Shinto, has no founder or written doctrine and places a great emphasis on

ancestor and nature worship. Japanese with no strong religious beliefs

consider  religion as traditional customs handed down from ancestors. 

This has developed great tolerance for other religions.


Shinto Shrine

There are over eighty thousand Shinto shrines in Japan, and they represent

the oldest architectural style in the country. Shinto is a religion unique to

Japan. Respect for land and nature is its basic premise. Usually there is a

mirror in the case inside each Shrine. This is the symbol of Shrine’s deity.


Japanese cuisines and local delicacies

You can enjoy many different local dishes using fresh and unique

ingredients in various places during your travel.

Also you can meet a lot of amazing things what you have never

experienced before.


Kyushu Travel Guide

The tourist information on Kyushu for each prefecture and each

area are prepared and by Japan Kyushu Tourist.


Kyushu tour packages

Japan Kyushu Tourist offers various types of customized tour

package as a Tailor-made tour exclusively for you.



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