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Autumn in Asakura

Japanese countryside scenery in Autumn in Asakura.


Oct. 06, 2021


Snow in the morning

It is snow in the morning and the plum blossoms at the Shinozaki shrine are in full bloom.


Feb. 18, 2021

Starbucks Coffee at Mojiko Station

Starbucks Coffee is opened at the ground floor of Mojiko Station in 2019 at the same time of

the completion of Mojiko Station repaire. Designed is made with the image of the waiting room

at the time of station construction in 1914 and it is said that the design concept is storyteller.


Feb. 13, 2021

Kappa design building of JR Tanushimaru station

Do you know Kappa?

Kappa is a kind of water sprite that lives in the river.

Tanushimaru has Kappa legendary story, and people love Kappa.


Feb. 12, 2021

Tenkaiho Observatory

The most beautiful scenic place in Sasebo.

Overlooking the view of Kujyukushima Island National Park can be enjoyed.

Feb. 07, 2021

Hina doll fastival at Ito Den-emon Residence

Hina doll festival is being held at Ito Den-emon Residence

Schedule : Feb. 06 through Mar. 21

Venue : Ito Den-emon Desidence located in Yoshiwaramachi 6-1, Izuka-city, Fukuoka-prefecture


Feb. 06, 2021

Japanese dish, Tonkatsu

Today’s lunch is Tonkatsu dish and fried Oyster at Hamakatsu.

Tonkatsu is a Japanese dish of pork coated breadcrumbs and fried.


 Feb. 05, 2021

The largest Shrine in Kyushu

Korataisha Shrine has the largest shrine building in Kyushu.

It is located on the mountainside of Kora in Kurume-city.


Feb. 04, 2021

Hina Doll Festival in Yoshii

Hina Doll Festival in Yoshii, Ukiha-city will be held from feb. 11 through Apr. 3, 2021


Feb. 03, 2021

Setsubun, on Feb.02 this year

On Setsubun, people scatter soy beans inside and outside their home yelling,

Out with the demon! In with the happiness! “ to drive away demon (evil of the new year).


Feb. 02, 2021