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Setsubun, on Feb.02 this year

On Setsubun, people scatter soy beans inside and outside their home yelling,

Out with the demon! In with the happiness! “ to drive away demon (evil of the new year).


Feb. 02, 2021

Solutions to Global Warming

As you know, we are facing the extent and seriousness of rising surface of Earth temperatures.

Therefore, the action is needed to reduce future warming.

Japan KYUSHU Tourist has been providing the information on the Global issues of Environment.

And also while conducting environmental tours, we have been proposing the solutions to global

warming and environmental problems.


Feb. 01, 2021

Current situation of Yufuin

Yufuin is one of the famous tourist destination in Kyushu.

However a few tourist are visiting here at this stage, some of restaurant and tourist

attractions are closed, Floral Village also closed.



Jan. 31, 2021

Kyushu Railway Museum

It is a railway theme park organized by JR Kyushu, showing the  history of Kyushu Railways.

Consists of 3 areas; main building, train exhibition hall and mini railroad park. The main

building has diverted from the original Kyushu Railway Headquarters red brick building built

in 1891.

Jan. 30, 2021

Night view from Mt. Sarakura

Mount Sarakura is the best scenic spot in Kitakyushu-city.

The hight of the mountain is 622 meters from sea level

We offer the most dynamic night view in the world which you have never seen before.


Jan. 29, 2021

Mojiko Station

It is the only Station building that is designated as an Important National Cultural Property 

together with Tokyo Station.  Mojiko Station is a beautiful station built in the Renaissance 

style and modeled on the Termini Station in Italy. 



Jan. 28, 2021 

Usa Shrine

One of the most beautiful Shrine in Japan, the head shrine of Hachiman Shrine that is 

composed 44,000 shrines that dedicated to the Hachiman Deity.



Jan. 27, 2021

Hinadoll display

Hinadoll is displayed at the Hina matsuri ( the Girls Festival) to celebrate for family with young

girls to pray for their good health and happiness.



The Hinadoll Festival is a traditional Japanese event that announces the arrival of spring and

are held many places.



Jan. 26, 2021


Soba restaurant in Yufuin

Soba is one of the traditional Japanese cuisine which is long, thin brownish noodle made

from buckwheat flour.

This restaurant is located on the shore of Kinrinko lake in Yufuin.



 Terrace facing to Kinrinko lake

    Soba noodle

    Soba gaki

Jan. 25, 2021

Yaki curry at the Mitsui Club restaurant

Yaki curry latterly means baked curry and is local cuisine in Moji which is curry with

rice topped with cheese and egg heated in oven.




    Yaki curry with prawn

   Banana jelly and coffee


The restaurant is located on the first floor of Mitsui Club where Albert Einstein, one of

the world’s most famous theoretical physicists, stayed here during his visit to Japan with 

his wife in 1922.



  Mitsui Club building


  Dr. Albert Einstein

Jan. 24, 2021