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Fukuoka Open Top Bus


Sightseeing bus in Fukuoka-city.  The Open-air deck bus with 3.2m high show you main

tourist destinations in Fukuoka-city. The tour is started from Fukuoka City Hall.



There are three routes to choose


Course 1 : Seaside Momochi and Fukuoka Castle Ruin

all around central Fukuoka City area

via Urban Expressway over the seaside of Fukuoka City to Yahoo! Japan Dome, Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka City Hall → Tenjin-kita Ramp → Urban ExpresswayMomochi Ramp

Fukuoka Tower → Ohori Park → Ohori Park & Fukuoka Castle Ruin → Fukuoka City Hall
Tour duration :  60 minutes


Course 2 : Bayside / Midtown Course
via Urban Expressway around Bayside Place and Hakata area for the view of the city;

mainly goes through Hakata area including JR Hakata City, Kushida Shrine, and the

historic parts of Fukuoka’s midtown.
Tour duration :  60 minutes


Course 3 : Fukuoka Kirameki Course 
via Urban Expressway over the view of the city at night; the course covers Hakata area

to Fukuoka Tower.
Fukuoka City Hall → Hakata Station → Gofukumachi Ramp → Urban Expressway

Momochi Ramp → Fukuoka Town → Hilton Sea Hawk Hotel → Tenjin Shoken Building

Tour duration :  80 minutes



General information  


Fukuoka City Hall 1st fl. ticket counter

1-8-1 Tenjin, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka-prefecture


Tel : 0120-489-939 Fukuoka Open Top Bus Reservations


A short walk from Subway Tenjin station

Tour fee JPY 1,540 for an adult, JPY 770 for a child 
Tour guide

Guided in Japanese during the tour

Voice guide service available in English, Korean and Chinese





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