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Myoban Onsen


The Onsen resort town where the Yunohana or Alum have been collected since more than

200 years ago.  Myoban means Alum in Japanese.

Myoban is a geothermal area located at an altitude of 400 metre at the middle

Garan mountain and a little away from the centre of Beppu.



The beautiful scenery of steam rising area where Beppu stone wall is built in the steeply sloping

geothermal field chosen as the important cultural landscape of the country as the Hot spring

landscape. Yunohana koya or Alum hut with the straw roof which is the Alum collecting facility

can be visited.




Onsen Hoyo land

The Onsen is a public bath located in Myoban Onsen resort. This place is known by its mud

looks like a cream, and is rarely found in JapanThe mud has an excellent skin beautifying effect.

The outdoor mud is a mixed-gender bath.





General information  

Address Myoban, Beppu-city, Oita-prefecture

25 minutes by a vehicle from JR Beppu station

10 minutes by a vehicle from Kannawa


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