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Japanese Castle

Long ago Japan was divided into many small provinces. The lords of each province fought to take

each other’s territory. Castles were built by the lords to show off their power and control their provinces.

They were both residences and military bases. They were made of wood, but used various defensive

devices for protection. For example, moats were built around some castles.

Additionally, many castles were built on plateaus or hills. The slopes were then steepened, making

them difficult for enemies to climb. In some castles the grounds from the gate to main building were

designed like a maze to confuse enemies.

The main castle building is usually in the center and is called the Tensyukaku (Castle tower).

They are tall and magnificent structure. The loads and their immediate servants lived in the Tensyukaku.



Castles in Kyushu


Kokura Castle

The Castle located within a walking distance of JR Kokura Stations. 

Hosokawa Tadaoki commenced the construction of Kokura Castle

 in 1602 and spent 7 years to completed it. The castle had a five fold

and six layered Castle tower and it was built in the architectural style

called  “Kara-zukuri”. Then, it served as a residence of the Ogasawara clan.


Karatsu Castle

Karatsu Castle is called Dancing Crane Castle. The Castle, which

stands beside Karatsu Bay, is unusual in that the stonework rises directly 

out of the water, using the ocean as a natural moat. It resembles the

figure of a bird with its wings spread wide as there is a pine grove extending

left to right and because its donjon is thought to look like the head of a crane.


Shimabara Castle

Located in Shimabara-city and was built in 1625 by the feudal load

Matsukura Shigemasa, who was regarded as a master of castle

building. The castle, which took 7 years to complete, is also known as 

“Moritake Castle”. It was an almost rectangular flatland castle built in

the Renkaku-style.


Kumamoto Castle

The Castle is one of the three great castles and one of the 100 best places

in Japan to view cherry blossoms. Due to the Earthquakes in 2016, the

Castle have heavy damages and many of Castle buildings were destroyed.

After that the restoration activities are being performed as fast as possible.




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