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Kagoshima-prefecture travel guide

  • Kagoshima travel guide


Kagoshima-prefecture is located at the southwest tip of Kyushu on the Satsuma Peninsula

and Osumi Peninsula. This prefecture also includes a chain of islands stretching further to

the southwest of Kyushu for a few hundred kilometers. The prefecture boasts a chain of

active and dormant volcanoes, including the great Sakura-jima Island, which towers out of

the Kagoshima bay opposite Kagoshima-city.








Where to explore



The city is southernmost capital in Kyushu Sakura-jima which raises the smoke across the 

Kagoshima Bay. Kagoshima prospered in the Edo period as a castle town, and is a hometown

of Takamori Saigo who contributed to the Meiji Restoration.



Ibusuki and Satsuma peninsula

Ibusuki and surrounded area Satsuma peninsula extends about 50 kilometers south from

Kagoshima-city, making up the south-western section of Kagoshima Prefecture. The peninsula

offers a mixture of hot springs, subtropical natural attractions and cultural sites. Ibusuki is an

Onsen resort that is famous for its sand baths, where bathers are buried in naturally heated sand.




Called a small Kyoto in Kagoshima, offer you a fine collection of Samurai houses and gardens

that were built about 260 years ago. During World War 2, Chriran was a Kamikaze pilots based 

who participated in the Battle for Okinawa. 




Located in the northeastern part of Kagoshima and is the entrance to the Kirishima district of

Kirishima Yaku National Park, which includes the Kirishima volcanic chain,  Sakura-jima Island

and Yaku shima Islands.




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