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Karatsu & Yobuko travel guide



Karatsu and Yobuko, located on the Higashi Matsuura Pe ninsula in the north-western part

of Saga-prefecture, have been prosperous from ancient times as an important point for

trade with Mainland China. Karatsu is a part of Genkai Quasi-National Park, and has many

scenic spots.


Karatsu Castle

Karatsu Castle is called Dancing Crane Castle. The Castle, which stands beside Karatsu Bay,

is unusual in that the stonework rises directly out of the water, using the ocean as a natural moat.



Kagamiyama Mountain

Panoramic view of Karatsu Castle, Karatsu bay and Nijino-matsubara (Rainbow pine forest)

The height is 284 metre from sea level and top of the mountain is flat and wide geographical

feature. The area is famous for cherry blossom and azalea flower in spring season.



Karatsu Shrine

The Shrine of Karatsu Kunchi. It is a Shinto shrine located about 1 km west of Karatsu Castle

and the original shrine was founded in 755.  Karatsu Kunchi is held From November 2nd to

4th every year.




Town of Fishing industry, famous for Squid and Morning Market called Asaichi. Yobuko is

located northern tip of Saga-prefecture and is facing to Genkai-nada Sea. A lot of places

were as a Shooting location of Thailand drama.

            Yobuko Port

             Fresh Squid


          Fresh Squid


Yobuko Asaichi

Fishery Morning Market called Asaichi and opens from 7:30 to 12:00, every day at just next to

Yobuko Port. The street of 200 m borrowed from the eaves of the shopping street is named

“Asaichi Street”. The place was used as a Shooting location of Thailand drama.


             Entrance gate

              Shopping street

                Typical shop


Hado-misaki Cape

Cape of Lovers’ sanctuary. The main attractions of Cape Hado are the heart-shaped monument,

underwater observation tower, and the sunset. It is frequented by young couples who take photos

in front of the heart monument.


          Hado-misaki beach

             Heart monument

           The north-west end


Nagoya Castle Ruins​

The Castle was a castle located in the old Hizen Province of Japan. The historic castle was

the base from which Toyotomi Hideyoshi launched his invasions of Korea.



Yobuko and Genkai Sea from the view of Nagoya Castle Ruins





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