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3 days Kumamoto, Aso and Takachiho tour

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This is the model plan for making your customized tour.

Exploring Kumamoto, Aso and Takachiho. 


How to travel

The tour starts from Fukuoka.

For the pleasant travel, the Private vehicle is used as for transportation.

We propose the model Itinerary below.



Tour Price
To be quoted as per customer’s condition and requirement below;
1) Number of persons

2) Accommodation

   ・Type : Western style accommodation, Japanese stye accommodation called Ryokan  

   ・Grade : economy, intermediate or luxury

3) Meals :Japanese cuisines, local specialities





Day 1  





Start the tour at the designated place in Fukuoka

Drive to Kumamoto

Kumamoto is the third largest city in Kyushu

Lunch at Sakurano-baba Josaien located at the Kumamoto Castle

  restaurants offer an opportunity to enjoy Kumamoto’s distinctive food

  culture, and many shops sell Kumamoto souvenirs as well as items

  found only at Josaien

Visit Kumamoto Castle 

  One of the three great castles and the current castle was built in 1601

  by Kiyomasa Kato, a great commander and took 7 years to complete.

Exploring Suizenji-koen Park

  Imitated the beautiful scenery of Japan, is a refined circular garden

  of Momoyama period style and represents the 53 Stations of the

  Tokaido Road including Mt. Fuji. 

Check in the Hotel in Kumamoto 

Dinner at the restaurant in Kumamoto


Day 2





After breakfast, check out the Hotel in Kumamoto 

Exploring Aso all the day 

Aso Tourist Tram

  The private railroad offering a very scenic ride from Takamori in

  the south east of the caldera; lovely and magnificent scenery 

  can be enjoyed 

Lunch at local restaurant ; enjoy Aso beef and local cuisine 

  Aso dengaku

Drive to Aso mountain area using Aso Minami Panorama Line

Visit Kusasenri-ga-hama

  the beautiful prairie of 785,000 square meter in the crater, spreads

  in northern part of Mount Eboshi that is one of the Aso Five Mountains.

Mount Naka

  the largest active volcano in Japan, its peak is 1592 m above sea level. 

  May not be visited depending on the weather condition. 

Drive down to North Aso area using Aso Higashi Panorama Line  


  One the best photo spot in Aso; you can see the perfect view of the five 

  peak of Mount Aso. 

Check in the Hotel in Aso

Dinner at the Hotel 


Day 3






After breakfast, check out the Hotel in Aso 

Drive to Takachiho 

Takachiho offers dynamic and beautiful Takachiho Gorge 

Lunch at local restaurant at Takachiho

Exploring Takachiho Gorge

  The narrow chasm cut through the rock by the Gokase River.  

  The nearly sheer cliffs lining the gorge a  re made of slow forming 

  volcanic basalt columns. 

 Takachiho Gorge boat riding

  Flows down the base of the gorge on a rental boat, the spot you

  can see waterfalls and the columnar shaped valley together is rare

  in the world

Visit Amamo Iwato Shrine

 The birth place of Japanese indigenous religion, Shinto. Takachiho is

  the site of one of the best  known legends of Japanese mythology.

Drive to Fukuoka

Arrive at Fukuoka, end of the tour


Map of Kyushu



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