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Unzen travel guide

  • Unzen Onsen Resort


Unzen is a gentle Onsen resort situated in the Unzen National Park. The Resort area was

originally developed for foreigners as a place close to Nagasaki.



Unzen Onsen Resort

Located in the centre of Shimabara peninsula, at the southwest part

of Mount Unzen with an altitude of 700m. It is started receiving

foreign tourists around the year 1900 when Kaempfer and Siebold

 introduced the city to Europe and China. The area was the first area 

to be designated as  a National Park in Japan in 1934. 


Where to explore


Nita Pass

One of the best scenic spot in Unzen. At any time of the year the natural

scenery of Nita Pass in Unzen is magnificent. Azaleas, green leaves, 

brilliant autumnal tints of maples and silver frost represent each season

 of the year.


Unzen Jigoku

Jigoku, means Hell, is the number one attraction of Unzen with a peculiar

smell of sulfur emitted from the springs, and with white smoke rising from

the ground over a wide area. This is a striking reminder that Unzen

Volcano is still very much alive.


Unzen Trekking


Various trekking routes are prepared with the Onsen Onsen Resort town 

as the starting area, through the Unzen Jigoku.  Everyone including mountain

climber can enjoy by choosing preference route, Nita pass and summit of

mount Myuken and Fugen can be reached.


Unzen Golf Course      

Opened in 1913, the oldest public course in Japan, and second oldest golf

course after the Kobe Golf Club, which opened in 1903.  Moreover, Unzen

has been designated as Japan’s first national park in 1934, and the golf

course has been popular among people both Japanese and foreigner as

the national park’s main facility.


The area is also a part of Unzen, located at western foot of Mount Unzen. 
About 30 Hotels and Japanese style accommodation are standing along
the Tachibana bay and there are 3 public baths where visitor can use. 


General information 

Address Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen-city, Nagasaki-prefecture

90 minutes by a vehicle from Nagasaki-city

70 minutes by a vehicle from Nagasaki Air port

30 minutes by a vehicle from Shimabara-city

2 hours and 30 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city

3 hours and 10 minutes by a vehicle from Kitakyushu-city














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