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Seiro-mushi, Yufuin Kagura


Seiro-mushi refers to a cooking technique in which food ingredients are put into a bamboo

basket used for steaming through water vapor from below



At Yufuin Kagura, Seiro-mushi is prepared with large bamboo baskets in front of diners.

Featured by the enriched flavor with warmth and fragrance of the cypress basket (seiro).

Live the lively, hot spring steam-like, “Jigoku steams” (literally hell’s steams) dishes right in

front of you with the traditional local taste of Beppu, Oita-prefecture.



General information  

Address Kawakami 1520-1, Yufuin-cho, Yufu-city, Oita-prefecture

15 minutes walk from JR Yufuin Station 


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